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My goal as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to provide you with more than just relaxation and stress relief. I focus on helping relieve pain and muscle tightness by working to align your body back to its natural posture and help increase the body's full range of movement through various forms of soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage and energy work. I also am deeply committed to fully understanding your individual needs so we can work together toward a positive outcome. My clients often comment that they’ve never had a massage therapist spend so much time talking and asking questions prior to a massage, that its refreshing to know that I really do care and want to know exactly how they are feeling or how they actually injured themselves. No two people are alike, which is why no two massages I give are the same. I customize my work to create the best possible results for each of my clients.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Massage Benefits....How can massage help you?

In a recent article from MassageTherapy.com the author discussed the many benefits of massage therapy and how investing in massage not only helps you feel better, but creates a more fulfilling life for you and your loved ones.

I thought the article was informative and very helpful and wanted to discuss some of the main points while reading through, so come on along and find out how massage really can help you enjoy your time on this big rotating ball

Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Massage
Invest in Your Health, and Navigate Difficult Times with Grace

Consumers may be tempted to trim their wellness budgets when economic times are tough. Yet a recent national consumer survey showed most massage-minded Americans are committed to maintaining the health benefits they experience with massage. It only makes sense. The better you feel, the better job you can do of caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Now, more than ever, massage should play a role in reducing stress and strengthening the health of Americans. When people feel their best, they are more likely to be able to face the challenges difficult times present. With greater health and peace of mind, consumers can face difficulties with poise, clarity of purpose, and strengthened emotional reserves.

Truly, massage is more than a luxury--it's a vital part of self-care that has a positive ripple effect on us as we work, play, and care for others.

I have spent a lot of time working in the massage field with clients that have injuries, depression and anxiety.  For people in pain, depressed or filled with anxiety, massage is not a luxury.  Massage is a pill free option to help reduce or eliminate the problems at hand.  Unlike man made pills, massage does not have a long listing of side effects except those that are beneficial.  We see every day that pain  killers and pills that help with depression and anxiety all have long lists of negative side effects.  Instead of focusing on all the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, lets take a moment and look at some of the beneficial side effects of massage. 

Invest In Yourself and Those You Love

If you think about it, massage is an excellent value. The price of massage has remained stable in recent years, as the cost of movies, meals out, and sports events has risen. Which of these has the power to improve your health and your outlook on life?

Following are health reasons all American adults should be including massage in their family budgets and schedules. Massage:

* Reduces anxiety
* Reduces the flow of stress hormones
* Improves sleep
* Boosts the immune system
* Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue
* Improves concentration
* Increases circulation
* Improves self-esteem
* Reduces frequency of headaches
* Releases endorphins

The positive effects of regular massage can have benefits in many areas of your life.

Home. Massage therapy will also help families under stress create healthier households with clear-thinking and more relaxed moms and dads. Children are very sensitive and often pick up on tension in a household; parents who are taking care of themselves are more likely to be better caregivers and provide a sense of security to their kids. This goes for caregivers of aging parents and other family members.

Everyone wants to have a healthy household.  No one comes home and says "It's so nice to come home to a depressed angry out of control house."  We want to come home to a stress free environment.  Yet the stress free environment can only happen if we create it.  The only way we will create it, is by being ourselves pain and stress free.

Work. The health benefits of massage can help forestall illnesses and lost work time, especially when you may be asked to produce more with fewer resources. Decision-making skills will be better and your performance is likely to be improved with a clear focus and more energy. A hint for the boss: Research shows employees exhibit less stress and improved performance when given twice-weekly, 15-minute massages in the office!  

This last paragraph is for not only the employee who wants to do better at their job, but also the business owner.  A happier healthier workplace creates a more productive workplace.  Many businesses offer space in their building for massage therapists to set up on a daily or weekly basis.  This could be a room that allows for standard full body massage or a quiet space for a quick Chair massage.  Offices that offer massage as a perk are sought after offices and even if they offer massage but it is self pay, people will still see the option as a benefit.

Health Conditions. Those with already existing health conditions can continue to reap benefits in the following ways. And proactively caring for health through massage may help reduce costly doctor visits and use of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Research shows:

* Massage can reduce sports-related soreness and improve circulation--good to know when you may be exercising more to reduce stress.

* Deep-tissue massage is effective in treating back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia patients receiving massage also have less pain, depression, anxiety, stiffness, fatigue, and sleep problems.

*Massage reduces symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

* Oncology patients show less pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression following massage therapy.

* Stroke patients show less anxiety and lower blood pressure with massage therapy.

* Massage therapy is effective in reducing postsurgical pain.

* Alzheimer's patients exhibit reduced pacing, irritability and restlessness after neck and shoulder massage.

* Labor pain. Massage during labor appears to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles and help block pain. Some medical professionals believe massage also reduces tearing, shortens labor, reduces the need for medication and shortens hospital stays.

* Preterm babies receiving massage therapy gain more weight and have shorter hospital stays than infants not receiving massage.

* Massage is beneficial in reducing symptoms associated with arthritis, asthma burns, high blood pressure, and premenstrual syndrome.

All the above massage benefits are just a small section of the areas of your life that can be affected by massage.  How many areas of your life would be helped by a reduction of pain or reduced stress and anxiety?