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My goal as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to provide you with more than just relaxation and stress relief. I focus on helping relieve pain and muscle tightness by working to align your body back to its natural posture and help increase the body's full range of movement through various forms of soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage and energy work. I also am deeply committed to fully understanding your individual needs so we can work together toward a positive outcome. My clients often comment that they’ve never had a massage therapist spend so much time talking and asking questions prior to a massage, that its refreshing to know that I really do care and want to know exactly how they are feeling or how they actually injured themselves. No two people are alike, which is why no two massages I give are the same. I customize my work to create the best possible results for each of my clients.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you XKCD.com for reminding me how much I could be missing in the moment

Sometimes all it takes is a few stick figures standing on the side of a canyon to remind me that there is never nothing going on.  If I just take the time to look around, there is so much I am missing. 

With Valentines day being tomorrow, I wanted all of you to remember to be in the moment for whomever you are with.  There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow.  There is only that moment you spend with that special someone in your life.  Trust me, no matter what you will be doing, your loved one will appreciate you being there with them, in that moment, more than flowers or candy will ever give to them.  Being with them in that moment is the gift of you, which is the best gift you will ever be able to give.

Remember to be in the moment!



  1. I absolutely LOVE xkcd. (Also, HI!) :)

  2. I have to thank you and Peter for reminding me about xkcd!!! So thank you oh and HI!